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Carefully read all the instructions before starting the protection treatment. 
N. B. After to apply the Windshield Protection, the windshield must not be touched (wiper) for 5 hours following the treatment to ensure maximum protection. Need only 2 sachets to treat all the windshield. It's recommended to proceed with the treatment in two (2) steps with the driver and passenger side. 

1. Clean your windshield with soap before to start the treatment. (Make sure to remove all the wax, RainX or       

    Aquapel before application)
2. Apply the Cleaner (Sachet No.1) on your windshield to remove marks and impurities. ​
3. Apply the Protector (Sachet No.2) on all the surfaces with circular motions for 45 seconds. 
      => Let dry for at least 10 minutes. ​
4. Buff the windshield with the microfiber cloth included to remove any residue and make it shine. 
​5. Let the product work for at least 5 hours and the windshield will be 100% protected up to 12 months or 12,500 mi 

    (20,000 km).

To learn more about our product, please visit For questions, please contact us on our website or by email before using our Windshield Protection product.

A. Ensure that you clean your windshield with soap and use the first bottle No.1.

B. This protection is skin friendly.

C. Do not apply Windshield Protection to a windshield exposed to direct sunlight, near a source of flammable material such as a cigarette, or onto a hot windshield. If the temperature of your windshield is high, wait as soon as the temperature will be between +41°F (+5°C) to +86°F (+30°C).

D. Since our cleaning product and Windshield liquid glass formulation contain an organic ethanol propellant, we suggest testing the color stability on a discrete area before applying them to rubberized surfaces.

E. Sciences Factory Windshield Protection does not interfere with manufacturers' insurance. Just like any other windshield protection sold in store, our liquid glass protection invisible to the eye which increases the protection of the windshield being used on a daily basis.

The Sciences Factory Windshield Protection protects windshield and any other car's windows from water, dust, dirts, abrasion, UV, bacteria an exclusive advantage.  Below is a brief explanation of these benefits and how our Windshield Protection works.

Anti-abrasion: The Sciences Factory forms a nanoscale layer of liquid glass on the treated surface. This liquid glass layer give better protection performance so that it is able to withstand higher temperatures than most untreated surfaces. It is designed to withstand everyday wear and to reduce the possibility of pre-abrasion damage. (Certified ASTM INTERNATIONAL)

Antibacterial: Sciences Factory is antimicrobial and will prevent the development of 99.9% of bacteria for 30 days afeter application. When bacteria are in contact with a treated surface, they can’t divide by ion exchange and consequently die. (ISO 9001 Certified)

Hydrophobic: Sciences Factory Protection gives a high performance for water repellent (water, ice, dirts) and scratch resistance therefore easier for insects cleaning and showing high performance is long lasting.

Lifetime: The average lifespan of a surface Sciences Factory Windshield Protection is up to 12 months or 12,500 mi 

(20,000 km), depending on the users, outside weather conditions, treatment application and individual habits.

Application: Sciences Factory Windshield Protection can be applied to virtually any glass surfaces; it is actioned by a quantum force directly on the molecule level, which activates the adherence of the product onto any surface, resulting into more resistance once treated. 

Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs immediately rinse eyes with water and contact a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. 

This product is not guaranteed to operate on 100% of the glasses. This product is specialized for the windshield and car's windows.