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Building Protection

Alcohol and water base

with SiO2

Revêtement "facile à appliquer" à base d'eau et de SiO2 qui est hydrophobique et oliophobique. 

Nous utilisons une gamme de revêtements pour le bois, pierre, béton, ciment, brique et crépi à base d'eau et de SiO2. Cette gamme peut être utilisé autant à la maison qu'au niveau industriel.


Protection textile
Textile Protection

Water base with SiO2

The TEX360 Protection product is a surprising technology. The fabric becomes waterproof while allowing air circulation.


Our technology is an ecofriendly product. It is recommended that the coating be applied over the entire surface until saturation. It will protect your clothes, shoes, coats and the textile that we find in our vehicles, houses and offices.


Graffiti Protection


Our anti-graffiti coating which is designed for use in commercial locations or locations where a slightly visible coating is acceptable. The benefits lie in the durability and performance of

this coating. It offers years of high level performance and in many instances graffiti can be removed with water alone.



New technology !
3rd Generation SiO2 Coating

The Sciences Factory Phone product dries very quickly so that it is possible to treat 3 to 4 small mobile or a tablet. Our Sciences Factory technology is ecofriendly. It is recommended that the coating be applied to both the glass and the back of the phone to increase the performances and the 360 degree protection. It protects from bacteria, electromagnetic fields all the while offering an extended protection.

Our Mobile Protection help to increase the protection of your screen!

Mobile Protection


You will not be able to do without it!

We use a range of motorcycle coatings and SiO2-based bodywork. This range can be used both at home and at the industrial level.

Helmet, textile,
motocycle, skidoo, etc. 



Vehicule Protection

Our coating is easily and rapidly applied, without equipment or specific tools. Our protection will reach 100% of it’s performance and it’s full resistance after 12 hours. It is without danger for the skin.



Protection pour
casque, moto et textile

Boat hull, Deck, Windows, Textile

Our coating need to be applied by some profesionnal. Our protection will reach 100% of it’s performance and it’s full resistance after 12 hours. It is without danger for the skin.

Inside and outside Protection

One of the most powerful in the world!


BIORECTIVA® probably the most polyvalent and powerful cleaning agent in the world. It is fabricated with yeast, betaine, plant extract, and salt. The product is 100% biodegradable and non abrasive.It eliminates oils, and dirt on most surfaces. It will suppress wine, coffee stains and most other dirt that has been absorbed. BIORECTIVA® can clean a commercial tanks, even a small house aquarium up to an oil tanker. It is simply incredible.




BioCleaner for all


Special Cleaner

This product contains cleaning agents with highly active agents for the complete cleaning of contaminated, damaged, corroded or unaesthetic surfaces. 

High quality

Metal, Silverware, Copper, Stainless Steel

Powerful Sanitizer


These pathogens, and their most stubborn muta ons, can spread quickly throughout communities. They can affect people, animals and food. They can attack en re work places, offices and plants, with resulting outbreaks of illnesses ranging from mild to serious. Some pathogens can be fatal, particularly to the elderly, newborn and vulnerable.

With our partner we have developed and are further developing products to address these problems, preventing them before they occur. We are working with specialist clients in sectors that include healthcare, hospitality, military, food, beverage, agriculture, zoology, veterinary and the marine industry.

Sanitizer for all