Base de SiO2

Transparent, non toxic, flexible, it penetrate the surface of your Motocycle body and eyeshade and helmet :

  • Repels rain

  • Increases the security due to better visibility under rain by more than 500%

  • Protects the windshield from dirt

  • Facilitates the cleaning of insects

  • Increases the resistance to scratches and abrasion

  • Resists pressure washing and cleaning brushes

  • Protects against UV

Our coating is easily and rapidly applied, without equipment or specific tools. Even though our coating dries quickly, we recommend leaving the surface harden a minimum 5 to 6 hours. Our protection will reach 100% of it’s performance and it’s full resistance after 12 hours. It is without danger for the skin, however our cloths could contain alcohol “bioethanol” and it is recommended to wear gloves during the application.


  • Price

  • Long Lasting

  • Easy application

  • Good resistance to scratches

  • Windshield washer economy

  • Anti-rain

  • Easy to clean the glass

  • Easy to clean insects

  • Easy to clean bird deposits, residues and dirt

  • Increases visibility and security by 500% in time of rain and snow